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Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler: 2021 Roundtable Discussion

Andrew Rappaport and Fred Butler return for the fourth year-end roundtable discussion. The topic starters for this month’s discussion are the topics discussed in the previous episodes of the show from 2021.

Outline of the Discussion
    Conspiracy Theories

  • Fred appreciates the warnings about the dangers of conspiracy theories while joking that the last year has turned him into a conspiracy theorist.
  • Fred agrees with the general principles of the February episode on the Dangers of Conspiracy Theories.
  • We’re living in very peculiar times when what was labeled conspiracy theory just a year ago is acknowledged truth now. Questioning COVID vaccines, or the origins of the virus is not the same as questioning the 9/11 attacks or the moon landings.
  • The video version of this episode may not be allowed on Youtube.
  • Our focus should be on God’s Word, and how He is in control.
  • The Early English Reformation

  • Andrew loved listing to Gene explain the history behind the Reformation in England.
  • The information that Gene presented was dense, but very interesting. The three of us all listened multiple times.
  • Matthew 27:51-53

  • Andy asked Andrew & Fred’s take on this passage. What do they think happened to those saints who were raised at the time of Christ’s crucifixion.
  • Fred points out that this passage is not in controversy as a variant. It’s clear that something spectacular happened.
  • Andrew sees the passage of evidence of divine origin. Any human author would have gone into more detail, but this passage does not. It states a matter of fact and moves on.
  • A fanciful/satirical explanation: these saints became a secret society countering the Illuminati.
  • Fred points out that everyone assumes that Lazarus died a second time. We don’t know that either. Did Lazarus and these saints who were raised at the time of the crucifixion ascend with Jesus?
  • We don’t know how many were raised. The text only says that it was “many.”
  • We meander into a conversation about historic population counts.
  • Church Life

  • Fred’s second topic for the discussion was the episode with Jim Rinard on [Small town] church life.
  • Fred comes from a very different place, being in a church that is bigger than Jim’s whole town.
  • His church may be big, but has a camaraderie that is similar to what Jim describes in his much smaller church.
  • Grace Church is split into different fellowship groups, which is further split into home Bible study groups.
  • Andrew tells of a pastor candidate who came from Grace Church. His fellowship group was larger than the church he was seeking to pastor.
  • Andrew is currently in a church plant in Pennsylvania. He is still getting used to the area he moved to.
  • My Testimony

  • Andrew closes with the October episode: My Testimony
  • Because the format of this show is Andy interviewing guests, Andrew appreciated an episode being set aside to get to know the host a little better.
  • Fred liked the Chuck Missler connection.
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