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Chris Hohnholz: Discussion Cornucopia 2021

Chris Hohnholz is a parole and probation officer in Fernley, Nevada, near Reno, and host of Voice of Reason, a podcast he does with friend Richard Story, and part of the Christian Podcast Community. Chris joins me again, on the anniversary of the first ‘Discussion Cornucopia,’ for a friendly discussion on a few varied topics.

Like last year, our discussion will be available on Chris & Richard’s show as one of their episodes in early June. In a sense, I’m also filling in again as guest co-host on Voice of Reason in Richard’s place while the show takes a break for a conference in Indiana.

Outline of the Discussion

Servanthood and Egalitarianism

  • Beth Moore continues to push unbiblical models for the church.
    Beth Moore Tweet
  • Moore’s statements denigrate those who serve others by doing tasks she apparently thinks are beneath her.
  • The roles within the Church that Moore seems to want everyone, including women, to participate in are actually very limited. They’re not just limited along gender lines, but restricted to a small subset of specially qualified men.
  • Moore misrepresents the Complementarian view of gender roles by claiming that Complementarians only want women “in the kitchen,” and do so in such a way as to denigrate women who do serve “in the kitchen.”
  • The purpose of servanthood is to put others ahead of yourself, not to accumulate accolades for your actions.
  • God honors His servants regardless of the role in which they serve.
  • When the sons of Zebedee asked Jesus to sit at His right and and His Left, Jesus rebuked them, saying they didn’t know what they were asking for.


  • The Persecution going on right now just to the north of us in Canada is astonishing.
  • Persecution under the guise of “COVID” is still persecution. The government doesn’t get to tell the Church how to function.
  • Governments in several states and Canadian provinces have come down hard on churches, which is persecution any way you look at it.
  • Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping has said in the last year that the greatest threat to the Chinese Communist Party is the Church.
  • The Church testifies to the World that there is an authority higher than Man.
  • As the Coronavirus pandemic wanes and restrictions are eased, the focus on the Church will shift to “hate speech.” We already see it in the U.K. and Canada, and the pagans in the U.S. are trying to bring it here too. They want to criminalize Biblical teaching because it doesn’t conform to their counterfeit morality. Critical Theory is the spear tip that is bringing it in.
  • The worst angle of the coming persecution is that it’s coming almost as much from within the Church as it is from outsiders.

Vain Philosophies

  • This topic came up as Chris was writing an article called Philosophies and Empty Deceits – The Battle for the Sufficiency of Scripture
  • The Church is embroiled in a battle against Vain Philosophies. Critical Theory is a current iteration of the battle.
  • We are called to look to Scripture as our sole source of authority, and reject things that lead us to believe we can look to outside philosophy to guide the Church.
  • Paul warns in Colossians 2 against listening to “plausible arguments.”
  • This warning is timeless.
  • Unbiblical ideologies trap people into a legalistic framework that people can never get out of.

Matthew 27:51-53

  • Beyond these three verses, we know nothing about what happened.
  • Who were these saints who were raised at Christ’s death? What happened to them? Did they die again? Did they ascend with Jesus?
  • Chris speculates that these saints died again. Their reanimation was like that of Lazarus, who died again.
  • Chris also speculates that these saints died fairly recently before the Crucifixion. Regardless, they believed in the Messiah before His death.
  • Andy speculates that these saints were a part of a ‘first wave’ resurrection. Jesus says that He will return in the same manner that He departed. We know that He returns with the Saints. Did these saints ascend with Him?
  • We know that in the future resurrection & rapture of the Saints, the dead rise first. There’s no indication of the time frame between the dead rising and the saints being caught up to Him in the air. Most of us assume a time difference of moments, but out could be days, weeks, or months between the two.
  • This was just one of many things that demonstrated the power and majesty of God!
Scriptures Referenced
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