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Chris Hohnholz: Discussion Cornucopia

Chris Hohnholz is a parole and probation officer in Fernley, Nevada, near Reno, and host of Voice of Reason, a podcast he does with friend Richard Story, and part of the Christian Podcast Community. Chris joins me for this episode for a friendly discussion on a few varied topics. It’s a discussion cornucopia. Also, our discussion will be available on Chris & Richard’s show as one of their episodes. In a sense, I’m also filling in as guest co-host on Voice of Reason in Richard’s place.

Outline of the Discussion
  • The Wellbeing of Our Pastors & Preachers (14:53)
    • Darrin Patrick, Megachurch pastor & author, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
    • Darrin had been removed as senior pastor a couple years ago for “abuse of power” following “inappropriate meetings” with two women.
    • We don’t know the circumstances of either the “abuse of power” charges, or the fatal gunshot wound. There may be logical assumptions that can be made, but the natural assumptions may be far from the the truth.
    • Pastors have many heavy issues weighing on them that many of us laymen never think much about, or are even aware of most of the time.
    • Every church has false converts & unbelievers in its ranks. Pastors deal with church politics & divisions more the average person understands.
    • Pastors need friends, just as everyone else needs friends. Be a friend to a pastor. Perhaps a pastor of a church you aren’t a member of.
    • Pastors do need authority and respect within their churches, but they also need to be human beings. They need grace!
  • The Gospel and the Global Pandemic (37:08)
    • We have to start at the Garden to understand where this (and every) pandemic came from. The pandemic brings death, which is a result of the curse following Adam’s Fall.
    • The pandemic is a wakeup call, not only on the eternal perspective, but also in the here and now. Our economy went from it’s highest historic levels to Great Depression-levels of unemployment in a matter of weeks. We must look to God not only for our salvation & eternal wellbeing, but for our day-to-day provision and wellbeing as well.
    • Blessing is found not just in comfort & ease, but in suffering and trials.
    • What is the purpose God has in our prosperity?
  • Legalism & Antinomianism (49:44)
    • Legalism is making and enforcing rules and laws upon the Church that God has not commanded.
    • Antinomianism is loosing people from laws which God has commanded.
    • Legalism is taking shades of gray an making them black & white.
    • Antinomianism is taking black & white and making it shades of gray.
    • The legalist errs in thinking that he’s capable of completely and faithfully obeying God’s laws, to his own benefit.
    • The purpose of the Law is revealing the nature of God. It shows us that we are not like him, and drives us to repent and look to Him for righteousness.
    • We are seeing a lot of legalistic arguments on social media regarding our handling of the current pandemic in regards to suspending Church attendance. Both sides of the issue have compelling arguments, but the reality is not clear cut, with universal answers.
    • We often forget why we gather.
    • Legalism often has more subtle and manipulative in how it is manifest. It’s not always overt and obvious.
    • Manipulative legalism often presents itself in political views. Understanding the Two Kingdoms, from a Biblical perspective, helps us step back and allow others to vote with their consciences, rather than manipulating them into voting as we want them to vote.
    • The Law of Christ is the governing factor in how we relate to each other through disagreements.
Scriptures Referenced
  • James 3:1
  • Mark 12:33
  • Job 2:10
  • Hebrews 10:24-25
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