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Kofi Adu-Boahen: The Attributes of God

Kofi Adu-Boahen is an interim leader at Redeemer Bible Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. He returns to the podcast for this episode for a discussion on the Attributes of God. The topic is much bigger than can be discussed in one hour, so it’s our hope that this discussion will inspire people to dive into a deeper study of the subject.

Outline of the Discussion
  • The Immutability of God
    • Simply put, it means that God does not change.
    • God doesn’t change in His being, His attributes, or even in what He determines.
    • He is immutable in His essence.
    • He is immutable in His attributes.
    • He is immutable in His counsel.
  • The Solitariness of God
    • He is in a class of His own. He has no equal, and is the only true God.
    • He is not, nor has He ever been, lonely.
    • God has no constraints outside Himself.
  • The Sovereignty of God
    • God is in complete control of EVERYTHING.
    • God ordains not only the ends, but the means to those ends as well.
    • As bad as things seem to get, we should take comfort in God’s sovereign.
  • The Decrees of God
    • The Decree of God is His purpose or determination with respect to future things [Pink].
    • We learn what God’s decrees are after they happen; as the result of the decree in time.
    • The decrees of God are: eternal, wise, free (unconstrained), and unconditional.
  • The Holiness of God
    • Holiness is the very excellency of the Divine nature.
    • Holiness is separateness.
    • Holiness & beauty go together.
    • We can’t comprehend God’s Holiness, but He does demonstrate it in ways we can comprehend.
    • Holiness is the Rule of all God’s actions.
    • God’s Holiness was wonderfully manifest at the Cross.
  • The Wrath of God
    • Wrath is the attribute Christians most often want to push aside.
    • To question God’s wrath is to place our own morality higher than God’s.
    • The more we study God’s abhorrence of sin, the more we understand its heinousness.
    • We should also meditate on His wrath to beget a true fear of Him.
    • Meditating upon His wrath also draws our soul in fervent praise of being spared from the wrath to come.
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