Michelle Lesley: Potpourri

Michelle Lesley is an author, and has a women’s discipleship ministry. She returns for her third episode of Echo Zoe Radio to discuss a few different topics related to women and women’s ministry.

An Outline of the Discussion
  • Complementarianism and egalitarianism is a big issue within the Church at large. Making it more difficult, many who identify as complementarian are practical egalitarians. Be mindful of definitions.
  • The aftermath of some various controversies in the Southern Baptist Convention following the #MeToo movement has been to float means of “reconciliation” that seek to grant women unbiblical roles in an effort to correct past errors.
  • One of the “solutions” floated was to elect a woman as President of the SBC. One name suggested was Beth Moore. A major concern is that the world at large does not know how the SBC is structured (the President is not the “SBC Pope”,) and electing a woman sends strong signals to the rest of the world that is contrary to Scripture.
  • There are many issues that fall under the broader umbrella of “social justice” issues, and each one of those individual issues affects the others.
  • Feelings can’t drive the discussion. The Scripture must rule.
  • We need to be constantly reminded to trust God’s Word.
  • We mustn’t go “back to the basics.” We should stay in the “basics” all the time.
  • Discernment ministry is serious business, and should be treated accordingly.
  • Discernment ministry wouldn’t be needed as much if pastors were able to address the issues more from the Pulpit (not to besmirch pastors, they do have heavy loads as it is.)
  • Often discernment ministries start with good motivations & intentions, but rapid growth and exposure can be corrupting and cause people to take on more than they should.
  • Check motives. Craving controversy is unhealthy, and not a fruit of the Spirit.
  • Recognize that God is sovereign. While we are commanded to “contend for the Faith,” we need also recognize that it’s all in God’s hands. He can handle it all. Keeping this in perspective relieves us of unbearable burdens.
  • Women: Don’t wear leggings as pants.
  • What women wear, with men in mind, is a responsibility to their brothers in the Lord.
  • When in doubt, as your husband, father, brother, or other an in your life. Men know, and men will help.
  • Stay in your lane! (Bloom where you’re planted.)
Scriptures Referenced
  • Titus 1:9
  • 1 Peter 3:1-6
  • Proverbs 21:1
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