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Roger Patterson: Unlocking Science

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Roger Patterson is a science instructor at Answers in Genesis with a Biology degree from Montana State University. He teaches Biology and Chemistry at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, as well is various online offerings. He has been on the show twice before to discuss the three-volume “World Religions and Cults” set that he co-authored with Bodie Hodge, and returns this month to talk about the many science education options available through Answers in Genesis.

Outline of the Discussion
  • Roger was a science teacher in the Wyoming public schools for eight years before he was saved, and has continued his passion for teaching science at Answers in Genesis at both the Creation Museum in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area and at the Ark Encounter about 45 minutes south of there in Williamstown Kentucky.
  • At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was concern about being shut down, so Ken Ham came to Roger and told him he had just three days to prepare for a live-stream science show to carry on ministry goals through shut downs. It began with Facebook Live and no formal show title, but has grown into “Unlocking Science” on
  • In addition to the web show, Roger (and others) do Explore Days, where they explore things such as Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Forensics, Physical Science, Biology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry.
  • The overarching goal in all they do is to exalt the Scriptures and honor God.
  • Unlocking Science brings in experts from several science disciplines within the Answers in Genesis staff.
  • AiG offers science classes at both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter throughout the year. Some are recurring, so they’re best suited for those who live nearby. Others are more intensive and condensed down to a week at a time throughout the summer, and are good for people willing to travel to participate. In addition, there are “Explore Days” that are themed days for older (High School) kids, and “Explore, Junior” for younger kids.
  • Online classes are also available.
  • We circle back to Roger’s background, conversion, and early career.
  • Roger is most passionate about keeping a Biblical worldview throughout education. Answers in Genesis uses the Seven-C’s of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.
  • We do our best to train up our kids in God’s Word, while exposing them to competing worldviews and showing them the weaknesses in those worldviews.
  • Answers in Genesis teaches a Young-Earth view, but considers it a secondary theological issue. The most important message is the Gospel, which they introduce into as much as of the materials as they possibly can.
Scriptures Referenced
  • Genesis 8
  • Hebrews 1
  • Colossians 1
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