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Ryan Habbena: The Noahide Laws

Ryan Habbena is pastor of Conquering King Fellowship church in Eagan, Minnesota, executive director of The Mount Moriah Foundation, and executive producer of “Jerusalem’s King,” and its upcoming sequel “The Conquest.” Ryan is also my most frequent return guest, and joins me today to talk about the Noahide Laws. If you’re unaware of what that is, don’t worry, so am I. Give this episode a listen and learn with me!

Note: Video was mentioned in the discussion, but didn’t turn out well. Lessons were learned though, so hopefully we’ll have better results next time.

Outline of the Discussion
  • Ryan was approached by an Orthodox Jew in the Old City of Jerusalem and handed a pamphlet that resembled a tract. In it was described the Noahide Laws.
  • The Noahide Laws are also knows as the Noachian Laws, and is a Jewish, Talmudic designation.
  • These seven Biblical laws were given to Adam and to Noah, and as such are considered by adherents to be binding on all of humanity.
  • These Noahide Laws are a sort of means used by Judaism to proselytise the gentiles.
  • The big question is: are these laws Biblical? Are they in the Bible? Are we commanded to heed them? Are we to become Noahides (gentiles who follow the laws)?
  • The laws are:
    • Set up courts and justly enforced laws.
    • Prohibition of blasphemy.
    • Prohibition of idolatry.
    • Prohibition of sexual immorality.
    • Prohibition of murder.
    • Prohibition of theft.
    • Prohibition of eating meat from a living animal.
  • These are taken from the Talmud, which is a set of oral laws & traditions dating back to the Babylonian Captivity (Sanhedrin 56a).
  • The Rabbis acknowledge that the Old Testament makes clear that gentiles will participate in The Kingdom. This is the means by which they believe gentiles enter in.
  • The modern Sanhedrin is nascent, but budding and being prepared. The Noahide Laws may be a basis for eventual theocratic laws as we get closer to the return of the Lord.
  • There may be a tangential connection to Natural Law, as revealed in Romans 1-3.
  • We have to remember to test everything against the Gospel.
  • The Noahide Laws can be a bridge by which we can bring the Gospel to those advocating for these laws.
  • The presentation of the benefits of adhering to the Noahide Laws is a confused pre-presentation of what we know as Common Grace. The world to come is connected to the Messianic Kingdom.
  • This is what the gentiles are to do, because gentiles aren’t Jews.
  • We wouldn’t want to articulate these laws as anything we’re “bound to.” We are bound, as New Testament believers, to the Law of Christ (You shall love the Lord your God…, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.) Six of the Seven Noahide Laws do reflect this command.
  • There is major debate as to whether worship of Jesus is a violation of the prohibition of idolatry.
Scriptures Referenced
  • Romans 1-2
  • Romans 7
  • Acts 7-8
  • Romans 2:14-15
  • Romans 3:27-31
  • Ephesians 2
  • Colossians 2
  • Hebrews
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