The First Decade

It was spring of 2008 that brought the first episode of Echo Zoe Radio. I sat down at the kitchen table with Bob DeWaay to give this podcasting thing a try. It got off to a shaky start, with nerves cranked to 11, and I had no idea if I would do more than a handful before leaving it behind. I had no idea the show would last more than a half-dozen episodes, let alone a decade and counting. For this episode, we look back at the ten year history of the podcast. I picked one memorable episode from each year of the show, and pick out a 5-10 minute clip from each.


Outline of the Discussion

We listen in on a 5-10 minute clip from one episode for each year of the podcast. To hear the full episodes, follow the links here:

  1. Bob DeWaay: Open Theism and the Doctrine of Election
  2. Phil Johnson: The Doctrines of Grace
  3. Erich Grieshaber: Inside the Watchtower
  4. Ryan Habbena: Examining Tongues – Part 1
  5. Tony Miano: Biblical Evangelism
  6. Sye Ten Bruggencate: Presuppositional Apologetics
  7. Dan Phillips: The World-Tilting Gospel
  8. Dr. R. Scott Clark: The Trinity
  9. Fred Butler: Halloween
  10. Nate Pickowicz: The Five Solas
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