BFM – The Purpose of God’s Grace

Show Notes
James and Krist get to together to discuss the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. After taking a two-month episode off our series through the BFM 2000 to discuss Apologetics and Community Groups with Royce Alanez they discussed the fifth article on The Purposes of God's Grace. 
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Plugs of the Week 
The Story of Christianity Volume 2–Qdw4tpx6ewTMSaee8lO-MWD504_-bcPePuXWMv4MaAuhnEALw_wcB

1689 BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH: A Modern Exposition, 5th Edition Revised and Corrected

The Exposition from the Facility of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on The Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Baptist Faith and Message