This weeks episode marks a year since we have started the podcast. So, for this episode, Daniel and James begin the episode by reflecting on the last year of podcasting. We then move into an introduction to the new format of the podcast along with the introduction of two new co-hosts, Jamie Owens, and Krist Norsworthy. Though, Korey could not be on the episode we are all excited to announce that we will be having a conversation every first and third Monday on practical and theological principles that directly affect the church.

During these conversations, we will have the opportunity to have the regular perspective of a vocational pastor, lay associate pastor, youth pastor and church member. To make the conversations even better we hope to have other individuals on as guests to address topics from other perspectives. For example, it might be a worship pastor, children’s pastor, deacon, women in ministry, etc.

Our goal this next year is to provide even better content than the last year, but to do so we need the help of the listeners. If you would like to hear a specific topic or conversation feel free to contact us with your request.