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The For The King Podcast exists to aid the Christian in applying the Christian worldview to whatever random thing you might encounter in God's creation.

Atheists Want Dominion?!? Do you?

In this episode I discuss two Supreme Court cases. NEW YORK STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSOCIATION, INC., ET AL. v. BRUEN, SUPERINTENDENT OF NEW YORK STATE POLICE, ET AL and Dobbs v. Jackson. I also discuss a federal grant to export atheism, humanism, and non-religious adherents worldwide, hence the pagans are Postmill. I hope you enjoy it friends!


Dobbs v. Jackson Case
New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen
Epoch Times article on federal grant exporting atheism
-> The letter written by GOP’ers challenging the grant
-> The grant website ITSELF
Article reporting on young women being encouraged to abort babies ->
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