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Irresistible Grace (TULIP part 4)

The drawing is not like that of the executioner, who draws the thief up the ladder to the gallows; but is a gracious allurement, such as that of the man whom everybody loves, and to whom everybody willing goes.” – Martin Luther

God so calls as He allures; He does not force, but draw. The freedom of the will is not taken away, but the stubbornness of it is conquered. ‘Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power’ (Psalm 110:3). “All Things for Good” pg. 107 -Thomas Watson

“No man ever believes with a true and saving faith unless God inclines his heart; and no man when God does incline his heart can refrain from believing”. -Blaise Pascal

“How is it more for the glory of God to save man irresistibly, than to save him as a free agent, by such grace as he may either concur or resist?” – John Wesley

My guest joining me this week on the Sunday series is my brother Bryce. Bryce is getting his undergraduate degree in philosophy and hopes to get his MDiv. from a seminary after he completes his undergrad. He hopes to be a pastor shepherding Gods people one day.

The grace of God in yo life
It cuts straight a theological knife
Try to resist and thwart his good plan
End in your demise eternally damned
The grace of God stronger than you
Every morning fresh as the dew
The saints birthright like esau’s stew

Key Texts: Acts 7:51, Psalm 115:3, John 6:44, John 6:64–65, Song of Solomon 2


If God should please, the Holy Spirit could at this moment make every one of you fall on your knees, confess your sins, and turn to God. He is an Almighty Spirit, able to do wonders. C.H. Spurgeon -> Zach’s Blog

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