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The For The King Podcast exists to aid the Christian in applying the Christian worldview to whatever random thing you might encounter in God's creation.

Total Depravity (TULIP part 1)

“The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

“When you refuse to teach on the radical depravity of men, it is an impossibility that you bring glory to God, His Christ, and His cross, because the cross of Jesus Christ and the glory thereof is most magnified when it’s placed in front of the backdrop of our depravity!” – Paul Washer

My guest joining me this week on the Sunday series is my brother Bryce. Bryce is getting his undergraduate degree in philosophy and hopes to get his MDiv. from a seminary after he completes his undergrad. He hopes to be a pastor shepherding Gods people one day.

Key Texts: Romans 1-3, Ephesians 2, Isaiah 64:6, Genesis 6:5, Romans 8:6-8

Sources: Calvin’s Institutes, Matthew Henry’s Commentary, Westminster Confession of Faith (Chapter 6,9,10) -> This document will be a source in every show note of this series. It contains an easily accessible 25 page paper about the 5 points of Calvinism. It is a very gracious and pastoral treatment of the subject and is a great starting point for the conversation. Each point of Calvinism has about 5 pages on the topic so its a real quick 15 minute read for each episode in this series.

Further Reading: Calvin’s Institutes, The Grace of Godliness: An Introduction to Doctrine and Piety in the Canons of Dort by Matthew Barrett, Chosen by God by R.C. Sproul…THE BIBLE!!!! -> argument against total depravity -> article against total depravity. The telling statement in this article is, “Unfortunately, if we grant the first point, then the other four points can easily be proven as true, thus acknowledging that Calvinism is in fact true”

This whole episode that we did concerns the first point so if you accept the logic of this episode and the hermeneutic of the texts involved then we are in for a wild ride 😀

Sunday Series Episode #5

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