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The For The King Podcast exists to aid the Christian in applying the Christian worldview to whatever random thing you might encounter in God's creation.

What is the Magi Star?!?

Today on For The King, I am joined by Zach. Zach and I met in our undergrad (he was a senior and I was a freshman he was discipling) and we quickly became friends. He graduated with a degree in speech pathology and works in the same field. We are also novice powerlifters together.

Key texts: Matthew 2 (specifically verses 2 and 9-10), Zechariah 3 (Joshua the High Priest), Ezekiel 1 (odd wheels), 2 king 6 : 8-18 (chariots of fire), 1 Chronicles 21 : 15-16 (a massive angel with a massive sword stretched over the entire city)

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