S1E9 – Defending Theonomy, Part 2 (Response to White Horse Inn)

Today is the second part of my defense of theonomy. Last episode, I responded to a 9Marks podcast episode hosted by Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever. Today, I look at a recent episode from the White Horse Inn podcast, hosted by Dr. Michael Horton. While the episode originally aired back in 2008, it was re-released a few weeks ago prior to the election. So, today I look at some of the statements that the hosts make, showing some inconsistencies in how they understand God’s law. Again, theonomy does not mean making a carbon-copy of Old Testament Israel. It means recognizing that every system has a god and every god has a law.

Here is the link to the White Horse Inn podcast episode (re-released October 21, 2020):

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