Ep019 Helps for Dealing with Coronavirus Restrictions Fatigue

Anthony takes a break from a deep dive into a particular topic in this multi-segment episode of Grace and Peace Radio.

Segment 1: Save the Date! May 30th is the Snatch Them From the Flames biblical discernment conference with Andrew Rappaport and Justin Peters Learn more at https://www.strivingforeternity.org.

Segment 2: We’re all getting pretty sick of Coronavirus restrictions (no pun intended). We’re all tired of stay at home orders, stores half-open, churches either not meeting or not meeting in the way we used to 9 weeks ago, etc. There’s a lot we can learn about endurance from a very special group of God’s people.

Segment 3: If you lived in a restricted nation, would you be suspected by police of being a Christian? Take this test adapted from an article by TWR.org and find out.

Segment 4: Anthony gives a shout out to Lucas over at the Epileptic Rants podcast at justarant.club.


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