Ep047 Finding Great Christian Audiobook Resources

As promised, today on Grace and Peace Radio Anthony and Amy discuss (mostly free!) audiobook resources for Christian audiobooks.


Hoopla Digital/OverDrive – Check with your local public library

Tablet readers and apps have built in narration tools

Hearing impaired narration in MacOS Preview for pdfs

CCEL.org, Project Gutenberg (Gutenberg.org), and ChapelLibrary.org (CL is also avail as free Kindle and iBooks resources) have free books and resources that can be read aloud in the above apps.

RevivedThoughts.com podcast


ESV Bible app

FaithComesByHearing.com Bible.is app


– Aneko Press https://youtube.com/c/Anekopress

– Amy Carmichael books

– Puritan Reformed Books https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzOwqed_gET1LMZlDNOqxx58LREHCiLsD

Christian Sermons and Audio Books YT Channel https://youtu.be/KJ5xx_82xCM

“Christian Audiobook” Podcast by Joshua Koura – podfaded but has Thomas Watson “All Things for Good” (Thomas Watson – All Things for Good – F…) and Richard Sibbes “The Bruised Reed” (Richard Sibbes – The Bruised Reed – FULL)


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