Grace and Peace Radio Ep016 Remember God’s Providence

Continuing the series we began in Episode 11, where we’re looking to encourage ourselves in the Scriptures in the strange and unusual times we’re finding ourselves in, in this episode we’ll consider the topic of God’s Providence.

This episode is departure from the routine in at least two ways:

First, Anthony presses “pause” on the pre-written show notes in order to check-in with listeners to see how they are doing and to share how things are going in his life and what’s new with Grace and Peace Radio.

Secondly, while it is certainly worthwhile to go through and think of Bible verses and passages specific to whatever topic we want to know God’s thoughts on, in this episode we’ll not talk about God’s Providence strictly in terms of Here are x number of Bible verses about God’s providence. Instead, we’ll think about how God can use the whole of Scripture to teach us what it is he wants us to know.

Anthony also shares a few of his own personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness in his providence over the years. Listeners will be encouraged to hear God’s faithfulness even in seasons of unemployment and underemployment, and a time many years ago when financial constraints were extra tight.

While we are blessed by a God who loves and cares for his own, sometimes his providences also come with experiences and lessons which are difficult and even painful at the moment. Humbling as those times can be, we must immerse ourselves in God’s Word, remembering his Person and his promises. His Word is our lamp along even the darkest of paths.

As we talk together about providence, we’ll think not only of God’s material providences in our lives, but also how God’s providence is also demonstrated in the many intangibles of life as well.

Finally, Anthony discuss Grace and Peace Radio’s being newly accepted into the Christian Podcast Community.



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