Grace and Peace Radio Ep064 Reasons to be Readers

In this episode of Grace and Peace Radio Anthony and Amy talk about 11 reasons Christians ought to submit to the discipline of reading.

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Reasons to be Readers—

  1. Exercise the brain God gave us
  2. It increases our knowledge of God’s Word
  3. It increases our knowledge of God
  4. It increases our knowledge of ourselves
  5. It broadens our horizons
  6. It helps our pastors when we can solve our own problems
  7. It educates us to help others
  8. What we learn grows us in godliness
    1. Instructs us in sins to turn from
    2. Instructs us in good works and attitudes to start
  9. It teaches and increases our discernment
  10. It disciplines us
  11. It helps make us holy, wise, loving and useful.

Grace and Peace,
Anthony & Amy

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