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The In Awe & Wonder podcast is to help women grow in Biblical literacy, discernment, sanctification, Christian living, and our awe and wonder of God.

Looking at Psalm 90

The second week of the month, we’re going to look at a Psalm.

Psalm 90 starts Book 4 of the Psalms. The Psalms are divided into five books. The 4th and 5th books are focused more on giving thanks and praise to God and pointing toward the coming Kingdom.

This Psalm is written by Moses. The context is the Israelites wandering in the wilderness.

Psalm 90:1-2 is an affirmation of faith in the Lord as the eternal refuge of His people. In these verses, we see God as our dwelling place, our refuge, eternal, self-existent, and Creator.

Psalm 90:3-11 is a lament of the pain and trouble of human existence, living in a sinful, fallen world. In these verses, we see God as outside of time, sovereign, judge, having anger & wrath, omniscient (all-knowing), and powerful.

Psalm 90:12-17 offers up a series of requests. In these requests, we see God as being wisdom, our satisfaction/fulfillment, steadfast love (pointing to the covenant), joy, Redeemer/Restorer, and God with us/faithful.

[I mentioned the book, “Learning to Love the Psalms,” by Robert Godfrey. This is an excellent book as a companion to reading the Psalms. (Affiliate link – I will receive a small commission if you click this link and purchase this book, at no extra expense to you.)]

Keep reading  your Bible!