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The In Awe & Wonder podcast is to help women grow in Biblical literacy, discernment, sanctification, Christian living, and our awe and wonder of God.

Reboot: Reforming

This episode is the second in the four-part “Reboot” series. This time, I talk about my history in light of my upbringing, “testimony,” and churches we have attended in all of our moving around. I have seen and been part of a cross-section of American Evangelicalism that has led to bringing me around to being Reformed.

Doctrine, theology, church history, how to watch for false teaching, and how to filter things through a Biblical lens was not explicitly taught in any churches I had attended. When I got on the path of studying these things and attending a Reformed church that does teach these things, I dove in and have been learning a great deal.

This is how God drew me to Himself.


Note: Our first Bible study will be the book of Philippians. After this series drops, there will be one Intro to Philippians in mid-January. Our study will run for 8 episodes over February, March, April & May.


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