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The In Awe & Wonder podcast is to help women grow in Biblical literacy, discernment, sanctification, Christian living, and our awe and wonder of God.

Reboot: Start Over

This is the first episode of the In Awe & Wonder podcast.

I’m calling this episode “Reboot: Start Over.” Here’s why: I only did one other podcast episode, and it was way back in the fall of 2017! I launched one episode and that was it. I wasn’t intending for that to happen, but it did. I also haven’t posted on the blog since that episode, and before that, it was quite a long time. I’m starting all over again on the Christian Podcast Community.

I think it’s best to do multiple episodes as an intro, so this will be the first in a “Reboot” series. I’m doing these episodes first, so anyone listening will get to know me, where my heart is, what the purpose is here, and what you might be able to expect. After catching up on some history and laying the foundation, I will be moving on to much more important and interesting discussions. The purpose and direction will be unfolded as I go through this four-part series.

In this episode, I’m talking about my history up to the current season of motherhood, and all of our moving around, to finally being settled down.


Note: Our first Bible study will be the book of Philippians. After this series drops, there will be one Intro to Philippians in mid-January. Our study will run for 8 episodes over February, March, April & May.


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