Lifesong Radio with Blake Shankle, Phil Ramsey, and Tom Hammond

Hosted ByBlake Shankle, Phil Ramsey, and Tom Hammond

Lifesong Radio is a weekly podcast designed to teach and study God's Word line-by-line, verse-by-verse, and also teach those listening how to study the Word for themselves.

Episode 269 – Romans, Part 60 (Romans 9:13a)

One of the most controversial verses in the bible, “Just as it is written, ‘JACOB I LOVED, BUT ESAU I HATED.”

This week, we take our time to discuss the context and meaning of this verse, starting with the first half, “Jacob I loved.”

  • Where was this verse quoted from in the O.T.?
  • What did it mean, in context, in the O.T.?
  • Why is this verse not the national election of Israel, but individual salvation?
  • What does it mean for God to love?