Lifesong Radio with Jimmy Hicks, Phil Ramsey, Blake Shankle, and Mike Wells

Hosted ByJimmy Hicks, Phil Ramsey, Blake Shankle, and Mike Wells

Lifesong Radio is a weekly podcast designed to teach and study God's Word line-by-line, verse-by-verse, and also teach those listening how to study the Word for themselves.

Episode 274 – Justin Peters talks Biblical Worship with Lifesong Radio

This week we take a break from our study in Romans and speak with a special guest. Justin Peters joins us to talk Biblical Worship. Tune into our conversation to hear us speak about,
  • The dangers in allowing the music and influence of heretical worship artists into your church
  • Why so many churches have adopted a seeker sensitive model
  • Who the true worship leader in the local church should be
  • Encouragement for the faithful pastor of the small, biblical church and more!