Lifesong Radio with Blake Shankle, Phil Ramsey, and Tom Hammond

Hosted ByBlake Shankle, Phil Ramsey, and Tom Hammond

Lifesong Radio is a weekly podcast designed to teach and study God's Word line-by-line, verse-by-verse, and also teach those listening how to study the Word for themselves.

Episode 283 – Romans, Part 72 (Romans 10:9-10)

Tom Hammond and Blake Shankle sit down and dig into what the word confess really means this week. There’s a belief that’s run rampant the past 100 years or so that confess simply means “to speak outloud” and that’s a false belief that’s led to “easy believism” and produced false converts whose lives have never truly been transformed. Tom and Blake speak candidly and extensively about what it means for Jesus to be the Lord of your life, and the ramifications of Him not being the Lord of your life.