Lifesong Radio with Jimmy Hicks, Phil Ramsey, Blake Shankle, and Mike Wells

Hosted ByJimmy Hicks, Phil Ramsey, Blake Shankle, and Mike Wells

Lifesong Radio is a weekly podcast designed to teach and study God's Word line-by-line, verse-by-verse, and also teach those listening how to study the Word for themselves.

Lifesong Radio [Episode 275] – Romans, Part 65 (Romans 9:24-26)

In Episode 275 of Lifesong Radio we move along in our study through the book of Romans by coming to Romans 9:24-26. Tom Hammond, author of What Time Is Purple, joins Phil & Blake this week to discuss this main topic – Is the Church God's plan B?  If God's plan with Israel has failed, then the Church must be His plan B, right?  Wrong!  The Church, comprised of Jew & Gentile, was always part of God's plan A – and God's covenant with Israel HAS NOT ceased. That gets broken down and discussed in this week's episode of Lifesong Radio.