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Matter of Theology addresses church and cultural issues from a Biblical standpoint.

Postmillennial Response to Apologetics Live

I this episode, Drew flies solo taking a stab at responding to the Apologetics Live episode: Resurrection and Premillennialism from a postmillennial view point. This topic came by way of a comment made from Pastor Jim Osman’s Easter Sunday sermon. it is that comment that will be addressed, as well as various other postmillennial topics.

Here at Matter of Theology, we love Andrew, Anthony, and Justin dearly so it is our goal to make sure that this is presented in a respectful and loving manner. Our disagreements on theological issues should drive us first to God’s word, and secondly to a closer relationship with one another.

We hope that this episode encourages you to study this topic more in-depth with an open bible.

Pastor Jim Osman’s sermon: