Answering LGBTQ: Standing for Truth and Deconstructing Fallacies Against Jesus and the Scriptures.

On this episode(81) of One Little Candle, Rebecca discusses biblical illiteracy among Christians and how it leads to difficulty in articulating their beliefs.

There’s discussion on the fallacies and accusations made against Christians who defend traditional marriage and God’s design for marriage while actively exploring what unconditional love really means and whether it means accepting wrong behaviors.

Jesus’ quotes are also analyzed to understand his teaching.

Rebecca also encourages her listeners to speak out against Pride Month and same-sex marriage, citing it as a sin that needs to be talked about and pushed back against to protect societal pillars such as families and churches.

Part 1 of a 2 part episode

Recommended reading: Dr. Michael Brown’s book, Can You be Gay and Christian, to deconstruct opposing arguments.