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“Does Your Heart Need Piercing?”

Episode 16

Christian, have you lost your zeal for Christ?  Do you feel as though you’ve lost the joy of your salvation?

It sometimes seems that as life carries on, as Christians, we no longer feel the deep gratitude or awe and wonder over what our Savior, in His love for us, has accomplished in His saving us.

Perhaps because of the many hurts and struggles you’ve experiences in this dark world, you are harboring unforgiveness, bitterness,  and resentment in your heart, causing your heart to harden and you don’t’ even realize it.

That was me!  But God softened my hardened and battle weary heart one day by leading me to the book of Ephesians chapter 1: 1-14.  As I studied and meditated on those verses, the awe and wonder of my salvation was restored as my heart was pierced as God reminded me, through His word, of the enormity of His love for me and the depth and riches of His grace.

Join me as I dig into Ephesians 1 and God reveals the greatness of His love, mercy, and grace, toward us.  Be prepared for your heart to be pierced!

Link to song, “Your Heart” by Chris Tomlin

Link to song, “Oh the Mercy of God” by Geoff Bullock (based on Ephesians 1)

Link to song, “Oh the Mercy of God” by Geoff Bullock (based on Ephesians 1)