Ep.18 Part 2. Who Chose Who? God‘s Amazing Grace

Predestination. Election. Chosen. All these words are found throughout the Bible, yet they cause great controversy within the Church.
I once despised this doctrine, the doctrine of sovereign election.
But God got ahold of me and showed me through His Word, just how amazing His grace truly is!
In part 2 of this 3 part series, I share a few of my objections to this controversial doctrine along with the scriptural answers that changed how I view the mercy and grace of God and how He granted me my salvation.
If you, like I once did, vehemently oppose the doctrine of predestination and feel that it portrays God as unfair, please have a listen to this thought provoking and challenging episode and come with an open mind, a humble heart, and willingness to let God have His way with you.
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