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Ep. 25 Unlawful Vaccine Mandates and a Governor‘s Misuse of a Holy God in an Attempt to Manipulate and Divide

An unlawful, unconstitutional vaccine mandate being thrust upon people is bad enough. But when a government leader attempts to use the very God we Christians serve and worship as a weapon meant to intimidate, control, and bully, you can be sure that that person not only has no idea as to who God truly is but is playing a very dangerous and lethal game!
In this week’s episode, Rebecca shares the story of a family members serious adverse reaction to the COVID vaccine, the effect the vaccine mandate has had upon her family, Governor Kathleen Hochul’s borderline blasphemy, hope and trust in God during difficult times such as these, and how we can be that one little candle in the lives of workers around us who have been displaced due to the mandate.