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Ep. 26 Hope After a Stolen Inheritance. When the Rug is Ripped Out From Under You

After the death of my father, someone my siblings and I thought could be trusted, stole our family’s belongings along with our inheritance, all without any legal recourse for my siblings and I.
Perhaps you have suffered great hurt, rejection, betrayal and disappointment by someone you thought you could trust. Perhaps you’ve suffered loss or a great injustice as a result of the evil and malicious actions of another.
It’s terribly difficult and challenging to not harbor bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness toward our offender. Especially if there seems to be no way to experience justice.
But God makes a way for us in our trials, hurts, and afflictions. He makes a way for us to extend forgiveness and experience peace and hope while kicking bitterness and resentment to the curb! It may not be easy but nothing is impossible with God now is it?
How does our loving and faithful Heavenly Father make a way for us in some if life’s biggest messes?
By reminding us of the unimaginable, imperishable inheritance that awaits those who are His!
Join me for today’s episode, where you’ll be encouraged in your trials, hurts, and offenses to focus on and trust in what God has in store for you that will bring you great joy and can never be taken from you!
Blessings in Christ,
Rebecca Berschwinger