EP 59. Embracing the Results of a Disappointing Election.

Many of us had so hoped for a change for the better after the midterm elections.
And although things didn’t quite turn out the way that we wanted, the way we feel they should, there is still reason for hope and gratitude.
In today’s episode, a reboot of a previous episode titled, When the News Isn’t Good, you’ll be greatly encouraged and challenged by a man who lived in a chaotic and tumultuous time in the mid to late 7th century BC, a man by the name of Habakkuk. He had a conversation with God about what was happening in the world. Unfortunately, the response he received from God was nothing like he had hoped for. The news God gave him was bad. Habakkuk’s response to God’s unnerving and bad news though, was that of complete trust in God’s plan despite the difficult times that Habakkuk would have to experience while God carried out His plan. What about you? Are you willing to trust God when the news is terrible, when things don’t go the way in which you hoped Will? Will you be a Habakkuk? www.onelittlecandlepodcast.com