One Little Candle with Rebecca Berschwinger

Hosted ByRebecca Berschwinger

Dispelling the darkness with the light of God's truth while empowering believers to light their own little corner of the world.

Episode3:Greed. We See it in Others. What About Ourselves?

Greed.  It deceives the mind, blinds the eyes, it hardens the heart, and it takes the lives of it’s possessors.  Perhaps you have been hurt by the arrows of ugliness, selfishness, and hatefulness that someone else’s greed has aimed at you. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the root cause of greed and see if perhaps it’s secretly harboring in your own heart and life.    We’ll also talk about the cure for greed because thankfully, there is a cure! Let today be the day that you shine the light on the darkness of greed and conquer it! 

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