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Holiness, Sacredness and a Smorgasbord Spirituality. Refuting Rainn Wilson’s Book Soul Boom; Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution Part 6

Is spirituality the new religion?  Join host, Rebecca Berschwinger, as she  delves deep into the book “Soul Boom, Why We Need A Spiritual Revolution” by Rainn Wilson, and challenges  the concept of a new-age approach to spirituality and its implications.  Wilson presents an alternative to traditional religion rooted in Baha’i beliefs, Buddhism, and Native American spirituality. But is this the answer to a deeper connection with the divine, or a departure from established truths?   Episode 97

Topics covered include:
– Alternative to traditional religion based on Baha’i beliefs
– Rejecting Jesus as more than a prophet
-Exploration of Holiness and Sacredness
– Biblical concept of holiness
– Interconnectedness of holiness and sacredness
– Contrast between conservative and liberal viewpoints on what is considered sacred
– Stone near the Temple Mount and its significance in different beliefs
– Conflicts over the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
– Concerns about inherited beliefs lacking relevance
– Examples of religious groups rigidly adhering to inherited beliefs
– Consequences of abandoning religious principles, including potential World War 3
– Reasons for non-religious affiliation and spiritual but not religious identity among young Americans and Europeans
– Disagreements with contemporary organized religion, particularly related to sexuality and pleasure
– Dismissal of religious dogmas and relevance of ancient doctrines
– Laws and moral teachings around sexuality, abortion, premarital relations, and gender roles
– Negative impact of organized religion and new age spirituality
– Smorgasbord spirituality and self-care focus
– Positive impact of religion on progress, unity, and enlightenment
– Unifying common threads and universal truths among different faiths in the world