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Impacting Lives in Israel with Michael and Vanessa Mistretta of Firm Israel.

On this episode (85) reboot of One Little Candle, guest speakers, Michael and Vanessa Mistretta from Firm Israel, share their personal journeys and their mission with Firm Israel, which is to empower local ministries in Israel with the love of Jesus. 

They emphasize the need for support and resources for these ministries to carry out their work. The episode touches on the importance of visiting Israel to develop a heart for the land and its people, going beyond mere tourism. Throughout the episode, the urgency of reaching the Jewish people with the gospel is emphasized as the Mistrettas share encouraging stories of lives transformed through their ministry and the impact of the global church working together with local believers in Israel. 

They highlight the current crisis in Ukraine and the role of local partners in providing aid and support to Ukrainian refugees in Israel. Additionally, the episode introduces the concept of ‘the tribe,’ a community of monthly givers who support local ministries in Israel. 

Join Rebecca, Michael, and Vanessa Mistretta as they dive deep into the heart and mission of Firm Israel, sharing stories of transformation, the importance of prayer, and the urgent need to reach the Jewish people with the love of Jesus. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of One Little Candle!”