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Dispelling the darkness with the light of God's truth while empowering believers to light their own little corner of the world.

Israel’s War is Our War. Information, Sources, Encouragement, and Call to Action. How You Can Make a Difference.

Special Edition Episode. The latest updates on the war in Israel; a personal and biblical perspective and how you can fight alongside Israel from where you’re at.

00:00:01] Special edition podcast addressing war in Israel
[00:03:01] Our spiritual connection with Israel.
[00:07:38] Imagining the horror.
[00:08:10] Brave couple hides twins, shoots terrorists, dies.
[00:16:01] Facebook took down video, comments, and posts.
[00:21:45] Israel turns on water in southern Gaza. Praying for innocent civilians in Palestine. Hamas in power for a long time.
[00:23:16] Difficult to find people in Palestine who support peace.
[00:31:41] Hamas indoctrination children with violent ideology.
[00:38:49] Israel’s response sparks concerns about moral equivalence.
[00:42:43] Rocket misfiring blamed on Hamas, not Israel.
[00:48:05] Neighborhood tragedy: multiple shootings kill families.
[00:53:53] Hamas Charter.
[01:00:33] Naive leftists support people who harm them.
[01:03:00] US running parallel with Israel.
[01:05:32] Biden’s speech was good, but Gaza aid?
[01:17:39] Hamas staged killing of boy by IDF soldier. Footage of boy unharmed. Hamas removes videos of alleged casualties.
[01:18:29] “Hamas propaganda: Dead babies revealed as dolls”
[02:20:29] Isaiah 60. The Restoration of Israel.
[01:23:51] Israel’s hope is our hope
[01:26:32] Urgent church appeal from Genesis 123 Foundation.
[01:28:41] “Please pray for soldiers and their families.”
[01:29:47] Soldier needs: vests, equipment, hygienic supplies, communication. [01:35:51] AIPAC; how to contact our government officials to stand unequivocally with Israel.
[01:38:43] “Voice needed: Share atrocities, join warrior battalion.”
[01:40:30] Fighting on the front lines of social media. . Prayers and donations can make a difference.
[01:43:00] Why Israel, as well as Christians are hated by many.
[01:45:53] Building one another up, being bold and holding onto hope.