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Masking the True Character of Jesus. Exposing the Deception of the “He Gets Us” Ad Campaign.

In today’s episode (101) of One Little Candle, we’ll explore the controversial “He Gets Us” campaign, an ambitious endeavor with a staggering $100 million funding aimed at rebranding Jesus for today’s younger generations. 

As we wade through the narratives and outreach efforts of this movement—from its use of secular media strategies to its misrepresentation of today’s contentious societal issues—we examine:

The portrayal of Jesus as cool and relatable, and the implications this has for the gospel message.

The  watering down of the truth and the treating of Jesus as a product in a consumer-driven culture.

The implications of this rebranding effort on the church’s mission and the potential manipulation involved.

The importance of not deviating from the core teachings of Jesus Christ. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone concerned with authenticity in faith and the implications of modern marketing within the church. Tune in, engage with the conversation, and let’s keep our gospel unashamed and undiluted!