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Pride Month Examined. A Biblical Take on Pride, Love and Identity.

Today’s episode (108) dives into a very important yet sensitive topic—Pride Month.

In this episode, we’ll be exploring pride, love and identity through the lens of God’s perspective, unpacking the often controversial phrase “love is love,” and discussing the true essence of sacrificial love as defined by the Bible.

We’ll revisit the symbolism of the rainbow, originally God’s covenant with Noah, and address its current association with LGBT pride.

With a focus on biblical teachings, we’ll talk about the complexities and challenges Christians face when navigating today’s culture, especially concerning issues like homosexuality and transgenderism.

We’ll also touch on the influence of public schools, workplaces, and even major retailers like Target and Scholastic Books in promoting LGBT acceptance, and how these can impact our children and communities.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the troubling aspects of pride from a spiritual standpoint and the importance of standing firm in God’s design for marriage, sex, and gender.

Visit and for insightful resources, like the recommended children’s book “Rainbows Are Everywhere,” to help you teach these values to your kids.