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Refuting the Book. Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution. By Rainn Wilson. Part 2

We’ve all heard about the miracles of Jesus. But did they really happen? Or are they instead spiritual in meaning only? Episode #89

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00:02:20 Why a spiritual revolution is necessary.
00:05:21 Miracles not significant; proofs only for present.
00:07:24 Outward miracles hold little importance in reality.
00:12:19 Luke wrote Gospel, moved by Holy Ghost.
00:14:41 Eyewitnesses confirm Jesus’s life, miracles, and truth.
00:17:28 Jesus loved, healed, and performed miracles.
00:23:19 Prayer, meditation, religion, questions, humor, chaos.
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00:28:20 Incredibly beautiful city descends with angels.
00:34:19 The kingdom of God on earth.
00:38:26 Be a light, stay grounded, speak up.
00:39:27 Speak truth, guide others, shed light.