Patriot Pastor with Wade Lentz & Harold Smith

Hosted ByWade Lentz and Harold Smith

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith speak about today's cultural and church-related issues from a biblical pastor's perspective.

“Conversations With Pastor Mike Stone” Part One

Pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith had the privilege of visiting with Mike Stone of Blackshear, GA.  Mike is the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear and has just recently announced that he is running for the role of president of the S.B.C. the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. In part one of our conversation with Pastor Mike, we discuss the vision he has should he be voted in as the convention president. We also discuss controversial things that are very relevant to S.B.C. life. Things such as Critical Race Theory, Woke Theology, as well as, the E.R.L.C. and Russell Moore. To learn more about Pastor Mike Stone, visit his website at Both Harold Smith and Wade Lentz would encourage Southern Baptists to vote for this man of God as the next S.B.C. president!