Patriot Pastor with Wade Lentz & Harold Smith

Hosted ByWade Lentz and Harold Smith

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith speak about today's cultural and church-related issues from a biblical pastor's perspective.

From Hearts Aflame to Hearts Adrift

Title: “From Heart Aflame to Hearts Adrift: Navigating Spiritual Transitions Across Generations”

Description: Join pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith on a thought-provoking journey through the ebbs and flows of spiritual fervor across generations. In this episode of “The Patriot Pastor’s Podcast,” they delve into the fascinating contrast between the spiritual fervency of one generation and the spiritual drift of its successors.

Drawing parallels from historical figures such as King Hezekiah and his son Manasseh, the conversation explores the poignant reality of how even the most fervently devoted hearts can give way to spiritual coldness in successive eras. From the unwavering faith of the Pilgrims to the disheartening narrative of their children’s waning connection with God, the pastors unravel the intricate dynamics at play in the intergenerational transmission of faith.

Central to their discussion is the impactful saga of the First Great Awakening and its profound reverberations across America. They unpack how this revivalist movement stirred the hearts of many, yet ponder the challenges in sustaining such fervor across generations.

Tune in as Pastors Wade and Harold candidly dissect the complexities of spiritual inheritance, reflecting on historical junctures where hearts aflame transitioned to hearts adrift. Gain insights into the pivotal moments that shaped America’s spiritual landscape and explore the enduring relevance of these lessons in navigating contemporary spiritual journeys.

Join the conversation on “The Patriot Pastor’s Podcast” as they delve deep into the historical tapestry of faith, illuminating the intricate interplay between spiritual passion and generational transitions.