Patriot Pastor with Wade Lentz & Harold Smith

Hosted ByWade Lentz and Harold Smith

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith speak about today's cultural and church-related issues from a biblical pastor's perspective.

The Rarity of Biblical Pastors and Sound Churches

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Biblical pastors and Bible-believing churches are getting harder and harder to find.  Our country does not lack pastors or churches; however, there is a shortage of men of God and churches that have not sold their souls to preaching “feel-good” messages and all-out pragmatism to get the masses to attend their churches.  If your church has a godly man who is your pastor, pray for him because he needs it.  And if you belong to a rock-solid Bible-believing church, stay, as the chances of finding another one may be more challenging than you think.  In this episode, both Harold Smith and Wade Lentz encourage pastors to continue to lead their church, having only one aim: to please God.