Patriot Pastor with Wade Lentz & Harold Smith

Hosted ByWade Lentz and Harold Smith

Wade Lentz and Harold Smith speak about today's cultural and church-related issues from a biblical pastor's perspective.

Three Things to Consider in 2024

In this special episode, pastors Wade Lentz and Harold Smith speak about “Three Things to Consider in 2024,” we delve into pivotal insights shaping our perspective for the year ahead. 

Firstly, “Concern for our Country”:

We navigate through the current landscape, addressing challenges and opportunities that lie before our nation. As patriotic citizens and believers, understanding our roles and responsibilities becomes paramount.

Next, “Caution for the Church”: We dive into the significance of maintaining spiritual discernment amidst societal shifts. How does the Church stand firm without compromising its convictions? 

And finally, “Confidence for the Christian”: Amidst uncertainty, we discover the unwavering hope and assurance found in Christ. How can we, as Christians, approach the year with confidence, knowing that our faith rests on the unchanging promises of God?

Join us as we unpack these essential considerations, offering insights, encouragement, and a biblical perspective to navigate 2024 with wisdom, discernment, and unshakeable faith.