A Conversation with Eric Luppold. (288)

Get to know another of the podcasters on the Christian Podcast Community. Eric Luphold has recently transitioned his podcast from Two Guys and the Bible to Governed by God. He shares how he got started in podcasting, and where his new show hopes to go.

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We discuss the general theme of government in our lives, especially for the believer. Topics include where the ideas and authority of government come from (hint, it is in scripture). There are overlapping levels of governing authority, from the national level down to the family. The lower down the scale of power, the more direct affect authority has on our lives. For example, parents and rules in the family impact our children more consistently than laws at the state or federal level.

“Used with permission from Microsoft.”

To learn more about Eric, his books, and other of his online activities and ministry, visit: www.ericluppold.com

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