The first in a short series. A special departure from our regularly scheduled podcasts.

The advent of Christmas is all about hope, love, peace, and joy. Today we take a brief look at the topic of hope, and how it relates to the Christmas message.

We often hope for things from the frivolous to the profound. Sometimes our hopes are unfulfilled, leaving us feeling empty. Other hopes are fulfilled, and are like a fountain of blessing. One hope that folks in the old testament times had was in a coming Messiah. Prophets fortold that he would come. A hope that was satisified when Jesus was born.

There are still hopes that we have today. We have an assurance that when we cclaim Jesus as our lord and savior, that we have a place in eternity in his kingdom. We have the hope that he will come again to set the world right.

By looking back at promises that were made, and later fulfilled, we can rest assured that when God promises a thing, it will happen. A hope that you can be sure will be met in a satisfying way.

Merry Christmas!