An extremely basic introduction to Civics. Civics means government. Keith shares some definitions and the points in the first amendment rights to express ourselves. What does it mean by freedom of speech, or having the right to gather? Does freedom for the press mean there are no responsibilities?

Meanwhile, Nathan tells what scripture has to say on where the government comes from and obeying those in authority. Even bad governmental leaders are put in power by God, although the personal misdeeds of a leader are not condoned by God. The important thing is that no matter what the legal structure in the laws of orderly conduct looks like, they deserve our respect.

Stock photo, “Used with permission from Microsoft.”

It’s important to know how to behave properly, within the law, and hold the law accountable where it’s needed. Christians shouldn’t be too entangled in being political activists. Work on being good citizens in your own country, state, or region.

Above all, work on being good citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Spine of a Bible ca. 2001, “Used with permission from Microsoft.”


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