Christmas Timeline Remix. (301)

The audio version of Christmas Timeline is back! With remixed musical track, and updated contact info.

The print edition is still available on Amazon. Check it out and support the podcast by picking up your copy for the massive amount of $0.99.

Here’s my official Amazon description:

Comparing well known bible passages, and developing a chain of events that walk through the activities surrounding the birth of Jesus, this short edition offers a glimpse of the times. But what about the people, customs, or events that don’t seem to fit? Was there really a star? Were the shepherds and wisemen together at the manger? What was it like to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem compared to today? Archeology, astronomy, and some help from the web offers interesting insights as well.

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    Subtitle: Investigating the events of Christmas
    Author: Keith Heltsley

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