Christmas Treat: Birth. (3)

Based on: Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-14

Mary had been gone to visit her relative, Elizabeth, but babies don’t wait. Somehow, eventually, her pregnancy became known. Joseph knew he had to do something. He was called a righteous man, so he knew the law, he knew the child wasn’t his, but he knew he loved Mary enough to not want to do her harm. But just when he had his mind made up, God sent his messenger to him to set him straight. Would tongues wag? It didn’t t matter, God was in charge.

Later, on a specific time, and date as they counted time in those days, the young parents to be sett out on a trip destined to fulfill more prophecy. The child was to be born in Bethlehem. The humble circumstances of the inn, the newborn in swaddling cloth, and feeding trough were unique and meant as signs for shepherds. Shepherds who had been given a message of hope and joy, by a sky full of angels.

God’s message is begun in remote, and humble people. His light shines in the darkest of places, on those who need it the most.

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Music in the show is selected tracks from Handel’s Messiah. As recorded from the radio, a live performance by the Minnesota Chorale and Orchestra