Christmas Treat: Promise. (2)

Based on: Luke 1:39-55; 67-79

After being told of her child to be born, Mary had went immediately to visit her older relative. Both had miraculously conceived, one in her old age, and the other before being with a man. At first sight, Elizabeth’s child left in her womb, the Holy Spirit came upon her , and the ladies began prophesying. Even in the womb, a child has a spirit, a soul, and can recognize others.

Zechariah had finally regained his voice after John’s birth, and added to the prophetic words. In foretelling the role his son would have in making straight the way of the lord, he also confirmed what the prophets of old promised. God’s kingdom was coming in the form of Messiah.

God’s promises are real, and come first to the faithful, lowly, and humble.

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Music in the show is selected tracks from Handel’s Messiah. As recorded from the radio, a live performance by the Minnesota Chorale and Orchestra